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About Us


Who We Are

Johnson Media Consulting [JMC] is a multi media firm with a wide range of expertise in the areas of media and entertainment. Founded in 2006, our consulting work has spanned every aspect of the media business, from media curriculum & training, print/broadcast production, graphic design, niche publishing, web media development and business marketing strategies across both corporate and non-profit sectors. JMC have worked with and for major fortune 500 companies and start-ups around the US.


How We Get Things Done


Structured Process

Every project requires dedication to every minute detail. We breakdown that process into four very attentive and user driven areas that allow us to create an environment focusing on the user experience across all targeted platforms.

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Strategic Thought

We are dedicated to finding the best ways to connect companies with customers, continually improving our approach to ensure our clients achieve their goals. 

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We consider and explore every option, scenario and opinion available to properly move forward in planning a successful campaign.

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Our team of digital aficionados work as an extension of each clients’ business, working diligently to deliver solutions that produce results.

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Measurement & Outcomes

We don’t stop working when your campaign launches. We continue to evaluate and improve so that we can guarantee that you’ll get the best return on your marketing dime.

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Matthew Johnson

For the past twenty-six years the business of media & entertainment has been in the forefront of Matthew Johnson’s life. He received a lifetime International Fellowship as a social entrepreneur in 2001 by ASHOKA. His work has taken him halfway around the world from Brazil to Rome.

Matthew has continued to use his many years of media experience by creating Johnson Media Consulting, LLC which specializes in developing media strategies for corporations, medium and small size businesses along with shaping media curriculum for community media organizations and schools.





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Outstanding Achievement Children's Programs




Matthew Johnson, President & CEO

Xavier Johnson, Executive Vice President